Dr. Peter Nemeth

MD Dip. Sport Med, Medical Director Pan Am Minor Injury Clinic

I’m thankful to be part of the founding team of the MACN led by Dr. Patrick Fredette. I’ve been involved in sport medicine at Pan Am for over 30 years now. We’ve made steady progress addressing the medical issues related to concussion, but we have a way to go. I think we need further work on public education and changing the culture of concussion recognition. Our group is working on best evidence-based practices for early appropriate medical assessment and treatment. We need to give concussed patients the correct advice about appropriate rest in the immediate phase after their event and progressing with activities/sport/school/work in a graduated fashion thereafter. For those patients who aren’t recovering within a few weeks, there are evidence-based targeted treatment options. Working together, I’m looking forward to the future and improved concussion care.