About MACN

The Manitoba Adult Concussion Network (MACN) is a grass roots, not for profit group of health care providers seeking to help patients and their families affected by concussion.  The practitioners in MACN come from a variety of health care disciplines and share a common mission and vision with regard to this condition. MACN has been formed to deal with the current lack of integrated care for adults with concussion across Manitoba.  MACN is dedicated to promoting evidenced based health care and education for adults experiencing a concussion.

MACN acknowledges that concussion can have many different manifestations spanning multiple areas of clinical expertise. This often requires clinicians from different backgrounds to collaborate to help patients with concussion.  MACN seeks to facilitate this collaboration through regular collegial exchange of information and the identification of clinicians trained to provide this type of care in different areas of the province.


Healthcare providers working collaboratively to promote and facilitate high-quality evidence-based care of adult concussion.


Timely, high-quality, cost-effective, evidence-based care for all adult concussion patients in Manitoba

The founding members of MACN are:

We promote education and advocate for healthcare providers to follow guidelines on assessing and treating concussion patients.  We want all healthcare providers treating concussion to follow evidence-based recommendations and provide a high standard of care.  We want concussion patients to avoid unnecessary costs, treatments and evaluations. Patients deserve good value and unbiased care for evaluations and/or treatments not covered by provincial or private insurance plans.

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